Our team of attorneys has won millions of dollars for injured clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  A selection of our notable verdicts and settlements include:

  • A $2,600,000 unanimous jury verdict in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania in a product liability action. We also briefed and argued against the defendant’s appeal to the Third Circuit and were able to have the clients’ verdict upheld.
  • A $1,640,000 total recovery in a product liability action involving a worker who got his hand crushed by a press brake while at work.  The client also received a Worker’s Compensation settlement.
  • A $1,625,000 award and settlement in a combination medical malpractice, product liability and negligence case involving a death after being hit by a car display ramp. We were able to obtain the full insurance policy limits from the product liability and negligence defendants, as well as the clients’ entire Underinsured auto policy. The clients won an additional amount after an arbitration proceeding against the medical defendants.
  • A $1,010,000 recovery in a product liability action where a worker’s hand was caught in between rollers of a printing press. A lump sum Worker’s Compensation settlement was also achieved.
  • A $300,000 settlement in a dental malpractice case involving nerve injury incurred during an implant procedure.
  • A $440,000 settlement in a medical malpractice action involving the failure to timely diagnose testicular torsion.
  • A $155,000 settlement at the beginning of trial for a broken ankle sustained during a fall.
  • A $140,000 recovery in Federal Court against the VA Medical Center for an amputated toe as a result of delayed medical treatment.
  • A $232,000 recovery in a car crash case involving dental injury and soft tissue damages.
  • A $231,000 Arbitration Award for a broken hip, which resulted when teenagers involved in horseplay ran into and knocked down the plaintiff. We were able to recover the entire award from homeowner’s policies.
  • A $350,000 recovery in a New Jersey medical malpractice case involving a perforated esophagus during an intubation.
  • A $450,000 recovery for client who had a kidney removed as a consequence of a nicked ureter during bowel obstruction surgery.
  • A settlement with Atlantic City Casino and massage therapist after client claimed she was improperly touched by the therapist. Despite no independent witnesses to the event and the therapist being acquitted from any criminal charges, we were able to obtain financial compensation for the client.
  • In a Limited Tort auto accident case venued in Montgomery County, we were able to obtain $15,000 in non-economic damages for a client whom did not undergo any documented medical treatment, did not have any recoverable medical bills and did not lose any time from work.
  • A $300,000 settlement against a third party for a client who slipped on a waxy floor while working. We were also able to get the worker’s compensation company to waive its subrogation lien in the case.
  • A $181,000 recovery for a client who was waiting for a Septa train and had a young man fall on top of him from the level above. The defendants included Septa, the young man and his parent, and the company which installed the glass wall in question.
  • A $650,000 medical negligence settlement involving the failure to properly care for a patient with tuberculosis.
  • A $800,000 settlement on the first day of trial in a medical negligence case involving the failure of a family medicine practice to properly care for and treat a patient with a cardiac condition, despite the patient having various known risk factors.
  • A $375,000 recovery against a psychiatrist for failure to properly treat a suicide victim.
  • A $150,000 settlement for soft tissue injuries when a bicyclist was brushed by a passing trash truck and knocked to the ground.
  • A $200,000 recovery after an Arbitration in a medical malpractice case. The claim involved the alleged failure of a family doctor to properly diagnose and treat a Vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • A $35,000 settlement in an assault case, plus an additional $50,000 obtained through an Assessment of Damages hearing. Client sustained bruising and lacerations while attacked by a fellow tenant of a condo building. Defendants included the attacker, condo association and various property management/rental companies.
  • A $150,000 settlement for a client who broke her leg as a result of slipping and falling on ice. The incident occurred on the sidewalk outside of a well-known Philadelphia hotel.
  • A $500,000 recovery in a medical malpractice case involving the failure to properly respond to a “code”.
  • A $62,500 settlement in a rear-end collision case involving soft tissue injuries.
  • A $100,000 settlement in a New Jersey motor vehicle accident. The settlement amount represented the full liability insurance policy. The client also received wage loss benefits.
  • A $115,000 recovery in a motorcycle accident case. The client was crossing Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia, PA. Another driver turned in front of the client causing a collision. The settlement amount comprised the full bodily injury liability policy of the other driver and the full Underinsured policy of the client. In addition, an HMO lien for medical bills was reduced by about 75%, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in savings for the client.
  • A $26,000 settlement in a Pennsylvania suburban county motor vehicle crash case. The client had Limited Tort insurance and underwent minimal medical treatment.
  • A $260,000 recovery in a New Jersey auto collision case. The client sustained a shoulder injury requiring a SLAP repair and some minor dental work.



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Further, because every case is different, the description of verdicts, awards, settlements and cases previously handled does not guarantee or suggest a similar outcome in current or future cases.  Every case is fact specific and depends on its own unique circumstances.

The attorneys at OnlyWhenYouWin handle cases in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  For cases outside those states, the attorneys work with local attorneys in each state as applicable and permitted by law.

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